Built in 1888, this protected building forms part of the historical ‘Pórticos of Fontseré’ of Barcelona, next to Born Market. The clients, a New York couple settled in London, entrusted us with the rehabilitation of their home away from home, that we found in its original state, without bathrooms and with the remains of an old kitchen. They have asked us to preserve the apartment’s classic style and to respect the original characteristics as much as possible. We carried out a complete redistribution, with a respectful and deep search for the original floors of the era, equipped the flat with all the domestic and climatic modern comforts, respecting the original ceiling heights, always keeping in mind the historical significance of the flat and building throughout the entire renovation process, until obtaining a result that our clients found very satisfactory. The trust that the clients has vested in us from a distance was crucial in order to achieve this result, that both we and the clients absolutely love. We have enjoyed a lot the whole process, Thank you J.and K.