Helena Llorente
Interior designer

Cristina Batlles
Interior designer

Sandra López M
Interior designer

Nerea Moya
Interior designer

Gabriel Coll

Alfonso Martinez
Real Estate Consultant

THE ROOM CO is an interior design agency founded by Helena LLorente and Cristina Batlles.

After several years of working together, we decided to establish a design studio with the mission to provide inspiring and personalized interior spaces for our clients fuelled by our passion for interior design.

Our respective training and experience combine together to enable us to offer you innovative and beautiful interior design complimented with excellent project management skills. Every assignment is perfectly planned and impeccably implemented as we look to transform your space from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

No two projects are the same and we always tackle a new assignment with fresh enthusiasm and renewed passion while never losing sight of the need for the end result to be a true reflection of your vision. In each project we will use tried and tested techniques but at the same time, look to inject new ideas and concepts too, helping us not only to deliver outstanding solutions but also to challenge and develop ourselves as designers.

We are committed to designing harmonious and contemporary interiors and realising unique solutions while always looking to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We never lose sight of the architectural style and history of the building but will always be looking to deliver a design for the future with our experience allowing us to create beautiful, functional and timeless spaces.

To ensure we can provide a complete solution for any project, we have full time support from the other industry professionals such as architects, engineers and draftsmen.

HELENA LLORENTE graduated from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona in 1996 completing a degree in Interior Design at the renowned ELISAVA School of Design. Having finished her studies, Helena joined the Damian Sanchez Design Studio where she worked on many different assignments including the interior design for both the local and international stores of Spanish fashion retailer MANGO. After that, she spent the next eleven years dedicated to refurbishing both residential and commercial properties, managing the complete process from start to finish.

CRISTINA BATLLES graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Management and Business Administration and then went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Interior Design at the ELISAVA School of design. Cristina spent the next twelve years working for a Real Estate agency managing a variety of different projects, before deciding to embark on a new career path. Making better use of her creative talents, in 2009 she joined forces with Helena.